Save time

A complete and consistent itinerary

Very accurate recommendations

Tell us about your personality and your constraints, and we do the rest: no need to manage anything by yourself!

We give a consistent itinerary and not only activities that are independant from each other. No need to worry about the details of your timeline, the route between the activities, etc. Stress is over!

We give you very accurate recommendations, thanks to a AI and an up-to-date database, and because we are neutral: we suggest you only what you’ll like, we don’t have partnerships with the tour-operators.


FreeCity’s app will revolutionize the way you prepare your travels!
The first time you use it, our algorithm asks you some questions about your personality and the things you like, and then we are able to generate itineraries for visiting all the cities you want to discover! No more searching on the Internet during many days to know what to see, you don’t need to know anything about the cities:
5 minutes is enough for us! Have you ever seen something easier?

Once you have your itinerary, we provide you with all the information you need to enjoy your trip: data about the places you go to, about the restaurants around you, about the shops you’ll love, … Don’t worry about preparing your visit: we really take everything in charge!

Our app isn’t available yet, but you can discover our demo here! Please fill in this form to stay up-to-date with the release date.


How does our algorithm work?
Each place or activity in a city is defined in our database by a hundred parameters that detail precisely what it is about. Asking you about your personality and what you’d like to see enables us to understand what parameters are interesting for you. Then, our AI technology generates an itinerary based on these elements. Also, Machine learning allows us to automatically and continuously improve the accuracy of our database content, based on the feedback our users give us over time.

What if you don’t like the itinerary we suggest?
Maybe one of your friends had already told you to visit or not to visit a particular place. Or maybe you’ve already visited a part of the city. Then it may happen that once we suggest an itinerary, you’re not fully satisfied with it. Don’t worry, you can still change its content very easily: just add or remove one step of the route, and we’ll adapt it.

You don’t want to wait 5 minutes to have your itinerary ready?
You’re not alone, and that’s why we have ready-to-use itineraries. Nevertheless, the more you give us information about your personality, the more our algorithm will be able to create an itinerary that fits you. 5 minutes is what we recommend, but you can choose the customization level you want. And obviously, once you’ve set your preferences for a travel, you don’t need to do it for your following trips.

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We are based in Lyon and often in Paris, let's catch up!

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